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The Unforgiven Act

Islam teaches that there is one transgression which the Creator will not forgive except renouncing it before death. This is the sin of attributing other’s in his Godship, i.e. worshipping others alongside Him. This means taking God’s creation as God in some way, believing that they are deserving of worship, prayers, devout offerings etc. This is the single most evil sin and is known as ‘Shirk’ in Arabic, as it is a direct rejection of the very purpose for which man was created and given his faculties.

The Quran teaches that worship is the right only of God. This is why Muslims are completely against the worship of Jesus or any other man, as well as the worship of man-made stone gods, etc. The prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) taught that in recognition of this, if a person was to utter the words, ‘laa ilaaha ill Allah’, ‘There is none worthy of worship except the one true God’, the Creator in His mercy will eventually enter this person into paradise – even if his faith weighed only as much as a small particle.

Is it not only fair that the one who created us and everything around us, providing for us what we need as human beings – is it not only fair that this Creator alone is worshipped and served? What right has a person to treat anyone or anything other than God Himself, as God?

The religion of the Creator has always been to worship the Creator, not his creation, not men, not statues and man made gods, not the sun, not the moon, not animals, not trees nor any other created thing, but to worship the Creator alone. The religion of God has always been to submit to Him, and through this attain harmony and piece within ourselves and around us in both this life as well as the life that is to come.





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