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The Middle Way

‘Islam’ is an Arabic word used to describe the state of surrender of an individual to the will of the Creator. A Muslim is a person who has, realizing his created nature and the nature of God as his Master, chosen to shape his life according to what God would want from him.

As part of this submission to God, Man is taught to refrain from all acts which will harm himself and others. He is taught to strive for purity, beauty and righteousness in his actions and character. Through living this simple and pure way of life a person is able to achieve to varying degrees the purpose of his very existence and naturally an internal harmony and closeness to God is attained.

And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.”
(Quran 51:56)

To live as a Muslim (a person who has given up his own will to fulfil the will of his Creator), means to live the middle path. Islam teaches that God does not teach man to completely turn away from the pleasures of this world, nor does He allow unrestricted indulgence, as both of these are harmful.

Man is able to enjoy food and drink, except a few items. He is allowed clothing, but that which is modest, He enjoys living in comfort and material possessions but only that earned through honest means. He enjoys companionship and the love of a family, but within a blessed and sacred union of marriage.

By fulfilling the will of his Creator he enjoys all that is inherently pure and good and conducive to his happiness. Muslims believe that this way of life designed for man by God, though challenging at times, is what brings contentment in this life and entry into the worlds of Paradise in the next.



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